Webinar: Finnish e-Invoice Registery and Schematron validation of e-Invoices

The webinar has two topics:

"Verkkolaskuosoite.fi - open registry for electronic addresses. Why we need a registry for the addresses?

How the verkkolaskuosoite.fi was founded and what functionalities it has now and in the future."

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e-Invoice Registry in Finland was established already in 2004 and completely renewed in 2018. The register contains 244,000 Finnish organization's eInvoicing addresses. Using the register is free of charge.

All Finnish operators and banks are members in the register.

The register is actively used and there are thousands of searches made every day. Some of the Finnish financial management software vendors also download the data from the register for their own use in order to better serve their customers.

The register is constantly being developed and its use is expanding throughout the Finnish organisations.


Utilization of Schematron in e-invoicing in Finland

How Finnish eInvoicing operators have created a Schematron to improve the quality of electronic invoices in Finland

You can download the presentation


The goal of Schematron validation is the automation of financial management. The main objective of the validation is to create conditions for automating the processing of e-Invoices.

The information in an e-Invoice must be correct. For example, the VAT of the products should be correctly and punctually calculated. 

Schematron validation verifies if the information in eInvoices is correct.

Schematron validation is based on the EU standard EN16931.

All Finnish operators begin the validation of the invoices in 2021.


The speakers are:

Veli-Matti Sahlberg

Veli-Matti Sahlberg is the pioneer in e-invoicing and a strong advocate of the four corner model and the open registry for electornic addresses.

Currently he works as CEO of Apix Messaging Oy which is one of the leading e-Invoice operators in Finland."

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Samuli Sorsa
Senior Product Manager
Posti Messaging Oy

Samuli Sorsa is the chairman of the Finnish eInvoicing operator group. He has 20 years of experience in electronic invoicing.

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12.11.2020 09:00
12.11.2020 10:00

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